5 Tips on Buying Used Industrial Generators

There are a number of reasons why you might opt to buy a power generator. Many business owners choose to buy generators to ensure their businesses have a reliable supply of electricity even during power outages. It is also more cost friendly to buy a used generator as opposed to a new one. However, choosing a good used generator can prove challenging. Below are a few essential tips that will assist anyone looking to purchase used industrial generators. Find out for further details on used cat generators right here. 

The first thing you need to be clear on is how much power you require. There are two types of generators you may consider. There are single phase generators and three phase generators. Single phase generators are ideal for small businesses. However, larger businesses require greater units of power, so three phase generators are recommended. Based on the requirements of your power output, you should be able to pick between the single phase and three phase generators.

Consider the history of the industrial generator. This will take into account a number of important factors. The first is what the generator had been previously used for. Industrial generators tend to fall into two categories: standby and full time. Standby generators tend to be in better condition than full-time generators. Also, inquire as to how many hours the generator has on it. This can be checked from the odometer reading.

It is necessary to find out how well the generator has been maintained.This will matter more if the person advertising generators for sale is a broker as opposed to a distributor. Used industrial generators for sale tend to have had diverse owners. For this reason, inspect the generator thoroughly before purchasing it. Check for corrosion, the integrity of the wiring and whether the bearings and bushings have been replaced.

The importance of getting a warranty cannot be overstated. Even when purchasing used industrial generators, ensure you get a warranty. This will guarantee that the cost of any required future repairs will be covered under warranty. Buying a used generator may be cheaper than buying a new one, but it has its pitfalls. It's not possible to be 100% certain about the integrity of the generator even after thorough inspection. For this reason, getting a warranty is a good idea.

Lastly, make sure to do a test run of the generator before buying it. This can be accomplished through a standard test called a load test. This will check the general efficiency of the generator with regard to power output. The general rule is that the electric power output will be a good indication of the condition of the generator. It is advisable to run this test two or three times just to be sure. With this few pointers, you are well on your way to purchasing an efficient used industrial generator. Take  a look at this link  http://www.wikihow.com/Maintain-a-Generator for more information.